Louisa in the Kitchen

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For a bit of comfort television I like to watch BBC show The Great British Bake Off. Last night I caught up on the latest episode where contestants were asked to make several Religieuse buns.

They say the Religieuse is supposed to resemble a round, plump nun. The French patisserie is made from 2 choux buns dipped in ganache, one smaller than the other stacked on top and both filled with creme patisserie (confectioner’s custard), finished with a little delicate cream pipping.  

Watching the program took me back to my Paris days where I would call off after work and get myself a Religieuse when I needed a pick me up. The cream filling and sticky chocolate ganache are so delicious - it is still my favorite patisserie. 

I’ve made chocolate eclairs before and choux pastry is quite easy to make, so don’t let people put you off. The tricky thing with making the Religieuse buns is to get the size right when you pipe onto the baking tray! You don’t want wobbly nuns! 

I am always a bit skeptical about these celebrity cookery shows, however I’ll admit I was pleasantly surprised with fashion model Elettra Wiedemann’s new cooking videos for Vogue.

Vogue had asked Elettra to do some cute little cookery videos - each episode she teams up with someone who inspires her to cook their favorite dish. Some of her episodes include guests such as actress Blake Lively and model Karlie Kloss, but my favorite so far has to be the one with Grace Coddington. 

The recipes are varied, they chat about cooking and there are cute little graphics that pop up on the screen to remind you of the preparation instructions. It’s all very sweet and calm. For me cooking food is very personal and calming - each cook has a different rhythm and style - so it’s great to get to see the more personal side of these celebrity guests.

Worth a watch in my opinion.